A Vintage QSL Card  Collection

Here is a list of the Q-code and other abbreviations commonly used by Radio Amateurs

QRAQ:What is the name of your station?
A:The name of my station is ...
QRBQ:How far approximately are you from my station?
A:The approximate distance between our stations is ... nautical miles (or km).
QRGQ:Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of ...)?
A:Your exact frequency (or that of ...) is ... kHz (or MHz).
QRHQ:Does my frequency vary?
A:Your frequency varies.
QRIQ:How is the tone of my transmission?
A:The tone of your transmission is ... 
QRKQ:What is the intelligibility of my signals (or those of ...)?
A:The intelligibility of your signals (or those of ...) is ... 
QRLQ:Are you busy?
A:I am busy (or I am busy with ...). Please do not interfere.
QRMQ:Are you being interfered with?
A:I am being interfered with.
QRNQ:Are you troubled by static?
A:I am troubled by static.
QROQ:Shall I increase transmitter power?
A:Increase transmitter power.
QRPQ:Shall I decrease transmitter power?
A:Decrease transmitter power.
QRQQ:Shall I send faster?
A:Send faster (... words per minute).
QRSQ:Shall I send more slowly?
A:Send more slowly (... words per minute).
QRTQ:Shall I stop sending?
A:Stop sending.
QRUQ:Have you anything for me?
A:I have nothing for you.
QRVQ:Are you ready?
A:I am ready.
QRWQ:Shall I inform ... that you are calling him on ... kHz (or MHz)?
A:Please inform ... that I am calling him on ... kHz (or MHz).
QRXQ:When will you call me again?
A:I will call you again at ... hours (on ... kHz (or MHz)).
QRZQ:Who is calling me?
A:You are being called by ... (on ... kHz (or MHz)).
QSAQ:What is the strength of my signals (or those of ...)?
A:The strength of your signals (or those of ...) is 
QSBQ:Are my signals fading?
A:Your signals are fading.
QSDQ:Is my keying defective?
A:Your keying is defective.
QSKQ:Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on your transmission?
A:I can hear you between my signals; break in on my transmission.
QSLQ:Can you acknowledge receipt?
A:I am acknowledging receipt.
QSMQ:Shall I repeat the last telegram which I sent you (or some previous telegram)?
A:Repeat the last telegram which you sent me (or telegram(s) number(s) ...).
QSNQ:Did you hear me (or ...) on ... kHz (or MHz)?
A:I did hear you (or ...) on ... kHz (or MHz).
QSOQ:Can you communicate with ... direct (or by relay)?
A:I can communicate with ... direct (or by relay through ...).
QSPQ:Will you relay to ... free of charge?
A:I will relay to ... free of charge.
QSSQ:What working frequency will you use?
A:I will use the working frequency ... kHz (or MHz).
QSUQ:Shall I send or reply on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))?
A:Send or reply on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz)).
QSVQ:Shall I send a series of Vs on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))?
A:Send a series of Vs on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz)).
QSXQ:Will you listen to ... on ... kHz (or MHz)?
A:I am listening to ... on ... kHz (or MHz).
QSYQ:Shall I change to transmission on another frequency?
A:Change to transmission on another frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz)).
QTCQ:How many telegrams have you to send?
A:I have ... telegrams for you (or for ...).
QTHQ:What is your position in latitude and longitude?
A:My position is ... latitude, ... longitude.
QTRQ:What is the correct time?
A:The correct time is ... hours.