A Vintage QSL Card  Collection
N. Johnson-Ferguson

Great Britain 

Catalogue Number


Date of card
July 12th 1926
Handwritten message on this card reads;

"Dear OM - Never tried 100 watt HT unit. Don't know anything about it.  TVT is a horrid thing-all sparks, shocks and bad QSB. Takes a lot of input.  Hand generator is FB but you will probably have to get a small motor to drive it.  Fan motor would do.  Can call you any time, preferably before 9am or after 10pm. 46.0 metres pure DC Crystals 6/- each. Good optician grinds them flat.  I haven't time to do them for you OM. or do them on a carburundum stone yourself!!! Just made 2 valve Armstrong super regenerative set BCL work. 6 stations loudspeaker strength with no aerial!!"



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