A Vintage QSL Card  Collection
(aka G5QT)
Great Britain  Catalogue Number


Date of card


Handwritten message on this card reads;

"Tnx for ur letter.  It is perhaps just as well u didn't waste much time listening fr me because altho I was transmitting I rather think that it was not getting out very well. Now however I have put things more or less ok. The wave still swings but not so badly I think.  Also I have made an automatic key which sends "test de G5QT" amidst a deluge of  oil and brass filings from the gears! The motor running it does 6000 rpm and the key does 4 rpm so there are some gears!

Well I set it going each nite from 27th Sep to 3 Oct if the B.C.L.s here are not listening.  The note with it is not quite pure. I shut down on Oct 10 as shall be going to Edinburgh and Radio does not go well with swotting as I know from experience.  Don't try it om. Pse excuse this card. 2EX was the callsign used before I was licenced! I am using them up now.  Well tnx for test. 73's es good DX"

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